Major port of entry

Air freight :
Katmandu airport
Sea freight : Calcutta port, India
N.B. :
Nepal being a land-locked country with no direct port facility, the most convenient port of exit/entry for sea shipment is Calcutta port, India.

Prohibited items

Monkeys or apes from yellow fever epidemic.

Dutiable items

Electric and electronic items (only for Nepalese citizen and  expatriate without having duty free status).

Consignment instruction
In air waybill and bill of

Shipment must be consigned as follows:

Consignee column of b/l or AWB :- name of owner with his complete office address of Nepal.

Notify party of b/l or AWB:

Name of clearing agent (atlas) with full address of Nepal.

Mention as " in transit to  Katmandu, Nepal via Calcutta port, India" in the bill of lading for sea shipment.

Auto model, engine and chassis no. Must be mentioned on the b/l or AWB.

Import on auto

Auto more than 5 years old are not allowed to import into Nepal and  must be euro standard 2000 or 2001.

Import and export on pet

Health certificate and vaccines certificate

Documents required for Import shipment

riginal bill of lading (3 set) for sea shipment and air waybill for air shipment, packing list, inventory list with CIF value of goods, invoice of vehicle, insurance documents diplomatic and duty free removals exemption certificate is issued by concerned authority in Nepal for  diplomat and duty free removals  after submission of above  documents. But electronic item and vehicle are allowed to import within six month of their arrival in Nepal.

Nepalese national returning home must be present at the time of customs clearance along with their passport, earning source certificate from their employer abroad.  duties/taxes on electric and electronic items (old/new) has to be  paid by them which will be  determined by the customs officer only after inspection of the goods.

Clearance and delivery

1 day for air shipment after receipt of proper import documents
(within Katmandu city area)

15 to 20 days for sea shipment after receipt of proper import documents
(from Calcutta port to Katmandu)